Jumpstart 2014

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2014 Bands

  • Diarrhea Planet

  • Upset

  • Connections

  • Swearing At Motorists

  • Big Ups

  • Potty Mouth

  • Ezra Furman & His Band, The Boy-Friends 

  • Liquor Store

  • Solids

  • Baby In Vain

  • Casual Sex

  • Herzog 

  • No Regrets Coyote

  • Meat Market

  • ...and Midgetmen w/ Melissa Etheridge

Support the #IRespectMusic campaign: 

The United States is the only democratic country in the world where artists don’t get paid for radio airplay.

The short list of countries that share the United States’ position on this issue includes Iran, North Korea, China, Vietnam, and Rwanda.

As a result of not paying their artists for radio airplay here in the United States, other democratic countries aren’t paying American artists in their countries.

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